The coronavirus is having a significant impact on the health of people and businesses around the world.

It’s quickly spreading and causing a lot of uncertainty in everyday life and how companies function.

Business owners must find ways to not only stay afloat but also connected during the coronavirus shutdown.

While your customers may be on self-quarantine, you still need to be available to answer their questions and provide excellent customer service.

With all the latest disruptions it might have you wondering how you can retain customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Continue reading to get tips and tricks to serve your customers better and keep your business going as strong as possible through it.

Communicate with Your Customers

One retention tip you should strongly consider during the coronavirus pandemic is to openly and honestly communicate with your customers regularly.

Let them know what you’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe.

Make a list of precautions and measures you’re taking and communicate these in detail via email, online and in your store.

For example, it may be that you’re ramping up your cleaning and hygiene protocols.

Notify them of any changes to your store hours or services.

Include details about steps you’re taking to have anyone who’s feeling symptoms to self-quarantine.

Offer Sales & Discounts

You may also be able to retain customers during the coronavirus pandemic by offering sales and discounts.

Confirm what you’re doing makes sense for your business and won’t cause further financial strain before moving forward.

However, keep in mind some people still need particular products or services and are willing to spend their money.

Therefore, advertise and promote what deals you have going on currently.

If your physical store is shut down, then consider offering online discounts.

Encourage customers to shop now and secure sales and gift certificates that they can use once it returns to business as usual.

Choose to Ramp up Service on Digital Channels

Consumers will be spending more time online amid a pandemic.

It’s because some are told not to leave their houses and still want a way to shop and keep in touch with businesses.

Therefore, consider ramping up service on digital channels such as social media via chat and videoconferencing with Skype or FaceTime.

Many companies are also using streaming services to stay afloat and connect with customers.

Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you by offering multiple options and channels for getting a hold of you.

Engage on Social Media

If your customers aren’t able to go out shopping in stores, then they will turn to social media for assistance.

It’s more vital than ever that you have a social media strategy in place and are taking advantage of these channels to connect with your customers.

Engage on social media by sharing relevant and timely content and letting customers know you’re there for them in these challenging times.

Whether it’s content related to the virus or that you’re spreading positive cheer, make your small business relevant by posting frequently and responding to comments.

Share stories about what you’re doing to help your local community and those in need.

Host an Event Online

Canceling events is becoming more common as the virus spreads.

Take advantage of all technology has to offer during these uncertain times.

Remember, customers are stuck at home and are looking for ways to spend their time.

They’re craving entertainment and having the ability to stay in touch with the brands they love.

You can’t let distance stop you from gathering your customer base and target audience and getting them involved in your products and services.

Host an event online and provide perks to a limited number of people who join first.

Use the live streaming social media channels to continue creating hype and excitement around your business and what you’re selling.

Be Human

Now isn’t the time to push new products and services at your customers and increase pricing.

Another customer retention tip during the coronavirus pandemic is to be human and show that you can relate to what your customers are going through.

Be creative in your approach and helpful.

Aim to provide your customers with ways of staying both healthy and in touch with you.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer and have had to close your gym then you should be willing to stream workouts that your customers can do from their homes.

Give back as much as you can and make it clear that you’ll be available for your customers now and when this passes.

Remain sensitive and stay real, and avoid making light of the situation.

Remain Calm & Continue to Put Your Business out There

Avoid panic at all costs while trying to retain customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, flex to the ever-changing business landscape, situation and problem solve.

Seek out a short-term economic plan and continue to reach out and have conversations and exchanges with your target audience.

Look for ways to adapt until businesses and the economy return to normal.

Adjust your mindset and messaging to help you stay relevant and not turn customers off or away.

Now is the time to focus less on a hard sales strategy and more on what you can do to continue building and strengthening current relationships with your customers.

Be the calm voice your customers are looking for and need as the chaos continues to unfold.


Retaining customers over time is challenging even when you’re not facing a worldwide pandemic.

It will take a lot of effort and dedication to keep in touch with your customers and ensure they’re satisfied during these uncertain times.

However, stay hopeful that all your hard work will pay off and that they’ll be there for you even more so when the world returns to business as usual.

It’s essential that as a business owner, you remain positive, flexible, and continue to serve your customers in the best ways that you know how given the circumstances.