Payroll Services

Whether Your Company Has 1 Employee or Thousands...

Whether the people you pay are hourly, salaried, independent sub-contractors, or a combination of all the above… whether your employees are paid weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or any combination of pay frequencies, Primepoint offers the services you need to make payroll processing and payroll taxes easy, fast, and accurate.

Small Business Services: 1-50 Employees

Most small businesses need and want the right blend of technology and personalized customer service. Primepoint has many years of experience providing payroll services to small businesses and offers those businesses dedicated service teams and technology that makes processing payroll faster and easier.

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Large Business Services: 50 - 10,000+ Employees

As businesses grow their payroll processing needs can become complex and time-consuming. Primepoint’s team will create customized solutions that streamline complex processes to create efficiencies.

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Primepoint is a Small Business Payroll Processing Expert Offering...

  • Full State & Federal Payroll Tax Service
  • Dedicated Payroll Processing Service Team Assigned to Your Account
  • Direct Deposit & Paperless Option to Eliminate Delivery Fees
  • Time & Attendance Software & Hardware


  • Our experienced “Startup Team” will transition your payroll processing to our systems with a minimum of time and effort on your part.
  • Once the setup process is complete, one of our 3 person processing teams will be permanently assigned to you. You’ll get to know the team members, and they’ll know you.
  • Fax payroll information or use our Business Direct Access (BDA) online portal specifically designed for small business online payroll processing:
  • Take advantage of the cloud & process payroll anytime from anywhere
  • No Special Software to Install
  • Receive Support From Your Dedicated Payroll
  • Processing Service Team
  • Manage Your Payroll Data and Employee Profile Information
  • Calculate and Submit Payroll Figures
  • Access Payroll Reports, Check Stubs, and Tax Forms
  • Track Benefit Time Off (PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.)
  • View and Print Your Historical Payroll and Tax Data
  • Provide Read-only Direct Access to Your Accountant


  • Our specialty… Solutions engineered, complexities simplified, technologies integrated, and the simple kept simple and easy!
  • Any size business can take advantage of our time & attendance software/hardware, which is fully integrated with the payroll system enabling quick and easy payroll processing.


  • Our number one source of new business is our customers who refer us to other businesses.
  • New Customer Satisfaction Survey Results:
    • Very Satisfied: 73.8%
    • Satisfied: 23.5%
    • Somewhat Satisfied: 2.7%
    • Not Satisfied: 0%

Our Payroll Management System is Designed for Larger Businesses Like Yours

Larger businesses are often faced with complexities in their payroll process that can take a lot of time to manage. Primepoint’s technology is flexible and can be customized to offer solutions that will simplify your process and create efficiencies. And Primepoint’s service teams are trained to help you with your payroll processing needs.

From entering employee data and deductions, to creating payroll worksheets and reports, to final general ledger entries and every step along the way, our system is designed to help you streamline all aspects of payroll processing.

  • Fully integrated with Primepoint’s Enterprise Human Resource (eHR) system
  • System will be customized to your unique needs during setup and transition
  • Stay on top of your important data with customizable dashboards
  • Nearly unlimited levels of allocation makes general ledger entries and reporting easier and faster
  • Flexible payroll worksheets makes data entries easier and faster
  • Unlimited and flexible pay rates at the business level and employee level
  • Robust Affordable Care Act management and reporting features
  • Easy to understand paystubs with descriptive pay rate nomenclature
  • Manage notes and other information by creating “sticky notes”
  • Personalize your color scheme
  • Much more

Automate... Integrate... Manage!

Technology should help you spend less time focused on day-to-day tasks and more time managing the strategic aspects of human resources and the finances of payroll. Our enterprise payroll and HR management system is a modular set of tools designed around a single source database, which means you get one integrated and customizable solution. That solution saves time and provides business intelligence that you can use to manage your business more effectively.

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