Schumacher is the best insurance agency in Essex County, NJ. Since being established back in 1978, we’ve grown tremendously and learned a lot about the insurance industry over the years.

At Schumacher, we’re dedicated to finding insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of every client that comes through our doors.

About Schumacher Insurance Agency

Schumacher’s common goal is to help create a hands-on experience so that the client can receive the best service possible.

We work hard to understand what each client needs in order to acquire the best insurance policies, whether it’s business or personal.

As an independently owned agency in New Jersey, the best risk management services, and most competitive premiums are what we offer to all our clients.

It’s necessary to have someone you trust, and that will actively explore the way you can reduce your business risks and the expenses you pay out.

The same care and attention goes to those seeking personal insurance, too.

About Essex County, New Jersey

With a population of nearly 800,000, Essex is the state’s third-most populous county. It was formed as one of the four administrative districts within the province of East Jersey in 1675.

The county was named after the English county of Essex. Essex County is home to some landmarks like Newark Preservation & Landmark and the Newark Preservation & Landmark.

Based in Montclair, NJ, Schumacher has firmly placed itself as a great agency for those local to the Essex County area.

For over 40 years, we’ve helped many clients both in the business and personal sectors. When it comes to insurance options, our agency offers a lot to help cover business clients in any industry, and individuals from all walks of life.

Types Of Business Insurances Offered

When it comes to running a business, the insurance you have could be the thing that saves you when the unexpected goes wrong.

There are a variety of business insurances that we offer, and below are a few in more detail.

Bond Insurance

Bond insurance can be good when guaranteeing scheduled payments on the bond to any bondholders in case the issuer defaults.

Builders Risk Insurance

With this type of insurance, it helps provide coverage for any loss or damage that’s caused to buildings and structures that are under construction.

This can be great for those in the development or building industry to take out, as well as those who are making upgrades to their business premises.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance helps protect business properties and assets, regardless of the size.

Your place of work is very important, and so is protecting it from risks.

Cyber Liability Insurance

With the increased risk of cybercrime activity, it’s important to protect your business online.

With cyber liability insurance, data breaches, security privacy can all be covered with this type of policy in place.

Cybercrimes can lead to bankruptcy or the closure of a business, so it’s important and necessary to have the right protection.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Whether you hire or fire someone, the legalities of it all can become complicated and a cause for concern as a business.

By having employment practices liability insurance, you can apply policies to every employee that works for you.

Commercial Flood Insurance

Floods can happen anywhere where you have a water source, so not only is it offered for personal clients, but commercially too.

These policyholder claims can be paid out even if it’s not been a federally declared event. It also never has to be repaid.

Worker’s Compensation

As a business, you are responsible for the safety of your staff in the workplace, and so if anyone is injured on the job, compensation can be made available with this insurance, protecting you and the employee.

Keeping your employees protected helps ensure your business’s success.

Personal Insurance & Group Benefits

If you’re looking for personal insurance and group benefits, then Schumacher Insurance Agency offers plenty to choose from.

We’re committed to making sure that everyone gets the coverage they need.

Auto Insurance

With auto insurance, you have protection against the financial losses associated with a car accident.

This can be important to help provide compensation for any damage to your vehicle or to you when it comes to the ability to work and provide for your household.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance coverage can help with any bodily injury or property damage that has been caused to other people in their home or yours.

This can also be helpful for paying out damages caused by pets.

Renters Insurance

Not everyone owns a home, but if you rent, insurance is still needed to protect your belongings.

Renter’s insurance can help with that as the landlord only projects the building when it comes to the insurance they have. As a renter, your rights can be helped with insurance.


Watercrafts often have their own set of dangers, so it’s important to protect yourself if you’re using them.

This type of insurance can protect you from bodily injury, property damage, guest passenger liability and medical payments. It’s also helpful for any occasions where theft occurs.


As the healthcare industry has changed very much in recent years, it’s important to think about the impact it can have on your business.

Schumacher can provide the design, implementation and management of your employee benefits package.

It’s good to have someone with professional knowledge and experience to ensure your employees have the best you can offer them financially.

This is also a service that’s provided over the course of the year.

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Schumacher is definitely the one to trust when looking for an insurance agency in Essex County, NJ for your business or personal needs.

Make sure to check out the rest of our services offered to learn how we can help protect you and those you care for.